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No, nothing much.和從前一樣


简介中英文對照表之一:機場指示牌中文英文中文英文機場費airport fee出站departures國際機場international airport登機手續辦理check-in國內機場domestic ...

No, nothing much.和從前一樣。生存英语I still can't find your name on the reservation list.一個經濟艙座位,生存英语謝謝。生存英语I’m just great.幸福極了。生存英语這班飛機已客滿。生存英语It is a large leather suitcase with my name tag. It's dark blue.它是生存英语一個茶色小旅行袋。有機位的生存英语機率有多大?後天,Good. Have a nice day.謝謝。生存英语真的生存英语?I can't find your name.Really?我仍然無法在訂位名單中找到您的名字。These are for my personal use.這些是生存英语給朋友的禮物。When is it?June 10th.我找不到您的生存英语大名。你的生存英语問題才會得到更圓滿的解決。謝謝。生存英语I'd like to purchase what I need for the night.一旦找到行李,生存英语How nice to meet you.很高興再次見到你。生存英语We may have lost some baggage so we'd like to make a lost baggage report.請和我到辦公室。So long/See you, Mr. Smith.很高興見到/認識你。史密斯先生。I'd like to reconfirm my flight.我的名字是Wesley Cheng ,班機號是UA 003飛往多倫多的。一般都會說SORRY,I can't find my baggage.這是我的行李票。確認篇聯合航空,No complaints.一般,I’m glad to have met you.希望不久後能再見到你。Here is my claim tag.你總共遺失了幾件行李?How many pieces of baggage have you lost?請描述你的行李。I’m on top of the world, thanks.好得不能再好了Couldn’t be better.還算好Fair to middling, thanks.還不錯,這樣顯得很有教養和禮貌,(飛機客滿時)那麽,I hope we’ll meet again some time.好久不見了Haven’t seen you for some time/a long time.It’s been a long time.Long time no see!真沒想到會遇見你。 How much money do you have with you?I have 10,000 dollars.祝你玩得愉快。I’m very well indeed, thank you.Quite well, thank you.Pretty good, thank you.Fine, just fine.好極了。Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you've located it.三 海關申報請出示護照和申報單。Ok, thanks.相當不錯,I’m glad/pleased to know/see/know you.見到你真高興。史密斯先生。Sorry, this flight is full.下一班飛往多倫多的班機何時起飛?When will the next flight to Toronto leave?太好了。你將如何幫助我?How can you help me if you can't find my baggage today?我想要購買過夜所需的用品。Would you come with me to the office?多快可找到?How soon will I find out?若是今天無法找到行李,Not (too) bad, thanks.無可抱怨。禮貌地說比較奏效。It is a medium-sized Samsonite, and it's gray.它是一個上麵係有我名牌的大型皮製黑藍色行李箱。請告訴我班機號碼與起飛時間?That will be fine. What's the flight number and departure time?我想要再確認班機。而且有趣的是,我帶了兩瓶酒。What is the possibility of my getting a seat if I wait?The day after tomorrow, Friday.費用多少?What is the fare?  打招呼常用語你好,You must check-in at least one hour before.抱歉,May I see your passport, please?這是我的護照。Anyway, we have seats for new bookings on this flight.沒問題,真是一點也說不上好。不怎麽好。你可以說:"Excuse me, I think you've given me the wrong change"或者"Sorry, I think this change is wrong. I gave you $20, not $10."  在酒店裏房間的調溫器壞了:"Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating in my room.""Sorry to bother you, but I think there's something wrong with the air-conditioning."  失竊了:"I'm afraid I have to make a complaint. Some money has gone missing from my hotel room."  房間沒有整理:"I'm afraid there's a slight problem with my room - the bed hasn't been made."  當人們發現自己錯了而道歉,在商店裏,請幫我重新訂位。Just so-so, thanks.不,到達)arrivals報關物品goods to declare不需報關nothing to declare貴賓室V. I. P. room海關customs購票處ticket office登機口gate; departure gate付款處cash候機室departure lounge出租車taxi航班號FLT No (flight number)出租車乘車點Taxi pick-up point來自......arriving from大轎車乘車點coach pick-up point預計時間scheduled time (SCHED)航空公司汽車服務處airline coach service實際時間actual租車處(旅客自己駕車)car hire已降落landed公共汽車bus; coach service前往......departure to 公用電話public phone; telephone起飛時間departure time廁所toilet; W. C; lavatories; rest room延誤delayed男廁men's; gent’s; gentlemen’s登機boarding女廁women's; lady’s由此乘電梯前往登機stairs and lifts to departures餐廳restaurant迎賓處greeting arriving酒吧bar 由此上樓up; upstairs咖啡館coffee shop; cafe由此下樓down; downstairs免稅店duty-free shop *bank郵局post office貨幣兌換處money exchange; currency exchange*火車票rail ticket訂旅館hotel reservation旅行安排tour arrangement行李暫存箱luggage locker行李牌luggage tag  中英文對照表之二:機票飛機票(指限定條件)endorsements/restrictions前往城市to旅客姓名name of passenger承運人(公司)carrier旅行經停地點good for passage between航班號flight no.起點城市from座艙等級class (fare basis)起飛日期date機號plane No.起飛時間time機座號seat No.訂座情況status吸煙坐位smoking seat機票確認ticket confirm非吸煙席non-smoking seat登機口gate                           出境卡姓family name年year名First (Given) Name月month性別sex偕行人數accom*ying number男male職業occupation女female專業技術人員professionals & technical國籍nationality行政管理人員legislators &administrators國籍country of citizen*p辦事員clerk護照號passport No.商業人員Commerce (Business People)原住地Country of Origin  (Country where you live)服務人員service前往目的地國destination country農民farmer登機城市city where you boarded工人worker簽證簽發地city where visa was issued其他others簽發日期date issue無業jobless前往國家的住址address while in簽名signature街道及門牌號number and street官方填寫official use only城市及國家city and state日day出生日期date of Birth  (Birth date)                             簽證姓surname失效日期(或必須在...日之前入境)expiry date ( 或before)名first (given) name停留期為......for stays of性別sex10天ten days出生日期birthdate8周eight weeks國籍nationality3個月three months護照號passport No.6個月six months編號control No.1年one year簽發地Issue At3年three years簽發日期Issue Date (或On)簽證種類visa type(class)                    日期、對嗎?One economy class seat, is that right?你必須至少1小時前辦理登機。Please open this bag.這些東西是做何用?What are these?這些是我私人使用的東西。Small world, isn’t it?見到你很高興。然後再提出把事情做好的解決辦法。Do you have anything to declare? No, I don't.請打開這個袋子。My name is Wesley Cheng, and the flight number is UA 003 for Toronto.我想要確認班機時間沒有改變。Surviving, thanks.  如何投訴和道歉到不滿意的事情和對待需要投訴時,Bearing up, bearing up.還算活著,Thank you. 二 行李我在何處可取得行李?Where can I get my baggage?我找不到我的行李。Yes, I have two bottles of whisky.這個相機是我私人使用的。您已完成訂位。Your passport and declaration card, please.是否有任何東西需要申報?沒有。謝謝。請稍等一下。中英文對照表之一:機場指示牌中文英文中文英文機場費airport fee出站departures國際機場international airport登機手續辦理check-in國內機場domestic airport 登機牌boarding pass (card)機場候機樓airport terminal護照檢查處passport control immigration國際候機樓international terminal行李領取處luggage claim; baggage claim國際航班出港international departure國際航班旅客international passengers國內航班出站domestic departure中轉transfers衛星樓satellite中轉旅客transfer passengers人口in中轉處transfer correspondence出口exit; out; way out過境transit進站(進港、These are gifts for my friends.你有攜帶任何酒類或香煙嗎?Do you have any li*uor or cigarettes?是的,收款員找錯了錢,Still alive –just not at all well.湊合,數字、The camera is for my personal use.你必須為這項物品繳付稅金。您好。No problem,謝謝。  比如,謝謝。謝謝Pretty fair, thanks.並不太壞,It's a small overnight bag. It's light brown.我們正在調查,I didn’t expect to meet you here! 常用寒暄語 一切/生意都好嗎?How’s everything/business?過得好嗎?How’s (your)life?How are things with you?近況好嗎?What’s new with you?Anything new?過得不錯嘛!很好,  比如對應上麵對調溫器的投訴:"Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating."  或者"I'm sorry - I'll get someone to check it for you."    或者"Sorry to hear that - I'll send someone up." 星期五。What a (pleasant) surprise (meeting you here)!真沒想到會遇見你。Here is my passport / Here it is.旅行的目的為何?What's the purpose of your visit?隨身攜帶多少現金?大約10,000元。I'd like to make sure of the time it leaves.請再告訴我一次您的大名?May I have your name again?別擔心,Please wait for a moment while we are investigating.我們可能遺失了幾件行李,Good/ nice/ glad /pleased to see/ meet you again.又見麵了。請立即送到我停留的飯店。Hello. This is United Airlines.請說您的姓名與班機號碼?What's your name and flight number?行程是那一天?6月10日。這班班機仍有空位提供新的訂位者。再提出你的投訴,符號一月JAN七月JUL二月FEB八月AUG三月MAR九月SEP四月APR十月OCT五月MAY十一月NOV六月JUN十二月DEC天day (s)年year (s)周week (s)1993年6月12日12 Jun. 1993月month (s)1993年6月12日Jun. 12, 1993   機場報關常用英文一. 入關麻煩請給我你的護照。Can you describe your baggage?它是一個中型的灰色紳耐特皮箱。Oh, the usual rounds.馬馬乎乎。Please give this declaration card to that officer at the exit. 四 機位預約、謝謝。You'll have to pay duty on this.你還有其他行李嗎?Do you have any other baggage?請將這張申報卡交給出口處的官員。You’re keeping well.近來忙什麽?What are you doing these days?周末過得如何?How was your weekend?身體如何?How are you?好點了嗎?好嗎?現在感覺好點了嗎? Are you better?Are you well?Are you feeling better now?確實很好,now you have been booked.起飛前2小時。老樣子。Two hours before departure time. Then, please give me a new reservation.若是我在此等候,你可能先要說SORRY,Same as ever.哦,所以必須填份行李遺失報告。Hi/Hello, Mr. Smith.再見,